Our client was very overwhelmed with emotion
We closed on a file and our borrower was so overwhelmed with emotion that I should have recorded it.  Between her sharing how grateful and blessed she felt that she did this by herself and the seller being emotional that he was selling his home of 54 years in which he had raised a family with his late wife, it was tissues all around. My buyer asked that I express her gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work and assistance Village did to ensure that we got her loan closed. She cannot thank you enough. -- Jose, Broker

Village Mortgage gets the closings funded as quickly and painlessly as possible

In today’s fast paced and demanding market – where consumers have a vast array of options to obtain financing - it is important to have a closing team that understands the specific demands placed on loan officers and brokers by their clients, real estate agents and attorneys.  Nanci Bunker, Closing Manager, and Village Mortgage understands the delicate balance of those relationships and have always worked efficiently to blend the needs of my clients with their own procedures and compliance requirements to get the closings funded as quickly and painlessly as possible.  I appreciate Nanci and the entire closing team at Village Mortgage and look forward to continuing my relationship with them for many years to come.  --  Leann, Processor; Broker

You never let us down

As a processor, I need quick responses and fast turnover to get closings to the table and I always have faith in doing just that when dealing with you and your team at Village, you never let us down.  In this stressful work environment, we need people to work together and you have made us feel like we are part of your work family and for that we trust and believe in you.  We wouldn’t be who we are as a broker without a trusted and awesome lender team like we have with you and yours. – Deanna, Processor; Broker

Easy to communicate with and responsive

I could go on and on, but I will keep it short.  I find the staff at Village Mortgage’s closing department to be knowledgeable, friendly and responsive.  You have one of the few closing departments that I can call and someone actually answers the phone.  Your department is very easy to communicate with.  Also, the systems that you use for email are very user friendly.  The overriding theme here is communication – you and your staff are very easy to communicate with and are very responsive. – Attorney Thomas, Law Firm

Village Mortgage’s closing department enhances our business

Never have I worked for a closing department who is so willing to go out of their way to accommodate.  They will do whatever it takes, not only to get the job done, but also while emphasizing professionalism and customer service.  Attorney’s LOVE working with Village Mortgage.  Period.  Nanci and the entire closing department truly understand how difficult our jobs are and the importance/requirement of a smooth transaction.  The closing department enhances our business.  – Village Mortgage Loan Originator

Always looks at the glass as half full

As an originator and owner of my own mortgage company, I have always felt that I can reach out to Village Mortgage any time and get closings done.  The closing team at Village has always been incredibly helpful and always looks at the glass as half full, pushing deals to close. – Keith, President; Broker

We are never looking for documents at the last minute

Village Mortgage’s closing department always gets the CD out as soon as possible after CTD, and you send me a copy to review for changes along with the document package at the same time.  Because of your system, we never have to contact you to find out if a CD went out on time, and we are never looking for documents at the last minute before a closing like we are with our other lenders.  Your closers work closely with our office to ensure the accuracy of the figures on the final CD and are very responsive when there are revisions that need to be made.  Angela; Broker

Someone is always available to make sure the job gets done right

What I like most about the Village closing department is accessibility.  I know that if I have a late-night closing, or a Saturday closing – or even a closing in the middle of a blizzard, someone is always available to make sure the wire goes out, fix any errors on the documents or answer and questions that my clients may have.  You can always rely on the expert closing team at Village to make sure the job gets done and that it’s right. – Attorney Kathleen, Law Firm

Village Mortgage understands time constraints

Everyone at Village Mortgage seems to understand time constraints.  We really appreciate that we always have our documents in enough time for our closings.  I appreciate your general process it is very smooth.  From the email we get when the file clears and is ready to schedule – to the email we get so we know who our closer is.  – Jenn, Paralegal; Law Firm

Your closing team is responsive and the process is always smooth

At our law office, we deal with many lenders, but Village Mortgage stands out for a couple of reasons.    Your closing team is very responsive and the process of receiving the loan documents is always smooth.  Your team of processors and closers are very knowledgeable about the closing process and if there is ever a hiccup or an issue, it gets resolved very quickly.  As you know, borrowers get very anxious toward he end of the process and having the last-minute details ironed out in advance always calms them and makes the closing experience a positive one.  Village Mortgage always does a fantastic job in this regard. – Attorney, Nicholas; Law Firm

Village allows us to bring our transactions to the finish line

Every member of the lending team is important, from the real estate agents and loan officers, to the processors, closers and attorney’s office.  We each have vital roles in a complex and involved transaction.  For the buyers and borrowers, these transactions are some of the most important financial undertakings they will experience in their lives.  Our work with Nanci and the Village Mortgage closing department allows us to bring the transaction to the finish line.  The closing team is made up of patient, kind and knowledgeable professionals.  -  Marci, Paralegal; Law Firm

This great service helps me obtain more business

As a sales person, I am super picky about customer service.  Our closing department never complains when we have a rush, goes out of their way to accommodate my clients, is very detailed when sending preliminary closing documents, works extremely well with the attorneys and their paralegals and treats me with such respect.  I realize loan officers can put a lot of pressure on multiple departments, but they never make me feel like I am a burden and they actually understand how important it is to make all parties involved happy.  This great service helps me obtain more business.  – Village Mortgage Loan Originator

Village is on top of key dates and conditions

The whole team at Village Mortgage is great to work with.  Everyone there cares if the loan closes and everyone works hard to make it happen.  We have had some very time sensitive files and Village has made sure that every one of them closed on time.  The Account Managers and Underwriters are on top of the key dates and conditions and will go out of their way to help whenever they can.  Their service, communication and response time are excellent which makes a huge difference when it comes to making sure all deadlines are met.   We would highly recommend Village Mortgage to all brokers. – John, Broker

The Wholesale team is relentless and keeps us looking good

Village Mortgage Wholesale has come through time and time again over the years for us.  These last few weeks have been challenging, but none of that mattered because you guys went above and beyond. Judy is a God send. Nicole delivers answers all the time. They are relentless and kept us looking good this week, even though we were down.  – Brian, Broker