Printable Forms
This page provides common documents that are used during the loan process.
* GUIDES: Conventional Eligibility Matrix     PDF  91k    
* GUIDES: FHA Eligibility Matrix    PDF  103k    
* GUIDES: USDA Eligibility Matrix    PDF  84k    
* GUIDES: VA Eligibility Matrix    PDF  101k    
* Self Employed Cash Flow Analysis (1084)    PDF  608k    
* VMC: How to do Business with VMC    PDF  421k    
* VMC Submission Form    PDF  124k    
* VMC: Quick Reference     PDF  456k    
* VMC: Stacking Order    PDF  454k    
* VMC: File Status Definitions     PDF  561k    
* VMC: eConsent Step By Step     PDF  679k    
* VMC: eSign Step By Step     PDF  773k    
* VMC Exclusionary List Form    PDF  147k    
* VMC: Change of Circumstance Request Form    PDF  179k    
* VMC: Mortgagee Clauses    PDF  115k    
* VMC: Closing Fee Sheet    PDF  232k    
* VMC: Exception Request    PDF  152k    
* VMC: Full Condo Questionnaire    PDF  67k    
* VMC: Limited Condo Questionnaire    PDF  67k    
* APPRAISAL: Appraisal Order Procedures    PDF  186k    
* APPRAISAL: Appraisal Fee Schedule    PDF  618k    
DISCLOSURE: 4506 T    PDF  105k    
DISCLOSURE: Anti Steering Disclosure    PDF  668k    
DISCLOSURE: MA License LO Disclosure    PDF  118k    
DISCLOSURE: Social Security Authorization Disclosure    PDF  620k    
* DISCLOSURE: Verbal Credit Authorization    PDF  194k    
Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)    PDF  707k    
Credit Report Authorization and Release    PDF  68k    
Disclosure Notices    PDF  88k    
Notice of Special Flood Hazards and Availability of Federal Disaster Relief Assistance    PDF  80k    
The Housing Financial Discrimination Act of 1977 Fair Lending Notice    PDF  99k    
The Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act    PDF  71k    
Tax Information Authorization    PDF  425k    
Uniform Residential Loan Application    PDF  423k    
Solicitud Uniforme para Préstamo Hipotecario Residencial    PDF  1420k    
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